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Come and enter my world of Japanese Lamps, an Asian art form thousands of years old that I have adapted to the modern world. From Asian and contemporary styles to Art Deco and Arts & Crafts and Mission styles, my unique style is a fusion of many different themes. They are functional art, each one a "pearl", as one of my customers once said, affecting those who gaze on their beautiful papers and soft, warm light in different ways. 

My lamps create beautiful and serence ambiances, such as:






This Shinto style design adds a Japanese flavor to any room, like being in a temple. The moons in the paper glow softly creating a beautiful and serene effect.  









My lamps add a unique and beautiful presence to any room. The rosewood Hashi lamp has an unusual design: asymmetrical, horizontal and casting a soft, serene light. Opposing forces dominate: striking yet subdued. simple yet elegant.










Dim the soft light to a low setting and create a subtle and romantic mood. Let its calming presence take over and enhance your experience. The rosewood Curved lamp is a sleek design with its inward curves and delicate Thai paper infused with red tamarind leaves. Perfect for bedroom lamps.






Gaze upon the serene scene of blossoming cherry trees. Follow the winding paths, letting your mind wander amidst their beauty. Let the light soften the rough edges from your day and bring you inner harmony at home.









Create a unique home decor environment. Let my Amber Lamp cast its warm, soft and earthy glow, like being in a Frank Lloyd Wright home of your own. Its Arts & Crafts look will take you to warmer, simpler era and its light will transport you to a faraway place.







My floor lamps create a unique and subtle presence in a room. This Arts & Crafts style design sheds a warm and meditative light, filled with earth tones. Its clean lines draw the eye to its simplistic yet elegant look.



Bonbori (行灯) is the ancient Japanese art form of making wood and paper lanterns. They were originally made with washi rice paper and lighted with candles or oil. With low wattage bulbs, they emit a warm, soothing and gentle light and are used in a variety of settings from cultural ceremonies to artistic display to home decorating.

These lamps are hand-crafted using a variety of hardwoods and fine Asian papers. Natural oils are used to enhance the color and grain of the wood. Traditional Japanese and original contemporary styles are combined to create these unique designs. They express opposing forces as many kinds of oriental art do: simplicity with elegance; subtleness with daring; serenity with complexity; delicateness with stability. They create soothing, meditative environments with their warm, soft and adjustable light diffused through delicate papers using nature's simple shapes and complex patterns in the wood design.


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