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Fine Handmade Japanese Lamps
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Payment Terms:

  1. Visa / MasterCard - please call (203) 482-1790 to process transactions.
  2. Pay Pal - Credit e-mail account:
  3. Checks: - Lamp will be shipped upon receipt of check.

Shipping:  Typical UPS shipping for one lamp is $10 - $15 for the east coast and $20 - $25 for the West coast.  Shipping cost will be added to order total.

Guaranty: Satisfaction guaranteed. Workmanship is guaranteed for one year. Your lamp will be repaired or replaced, as needed, free of charge due to workmanship defects.

Refund Terms: If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your lamp, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Repairs: Lamps broken due to accidental damage can be repaired. An estimate will be provided based on the extent of damage. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

Contact Information:

(203) 482-1790
Postal Address: 
  12416 Aster Avenue
                            Bradenton, FL  34212



All lamps are hand-made original designs. A standard model may be chosen from those displayed in the Gallery page or lamps can be custom made to order. The design, size, type of wood and paper can all be individually selected, depending on one's decor and desired effect. All lamps come with an in-line dimmer switch to control the light intensity. Lamps can also be made into hanging lamps, wall sconces or floor lamps. Custom orders may take 2-3 weeks depending on the model.

Wood is usually just oiled to enhance its natural color and grain to match the type and color of the papers used. Woods can also be stained to match specific decor colors. Wood samples can be sent upon request.

Some types of wood used are:


Black Mesquite:
dark brown with nice grain

Brown Oak: light brown with nice grain

Cherry: light brown neutral color, takes well to stain

Honey Mesquite: medium brown with some gold tones, nice grain

Osage: brown orange tones with nice grain patterns

Redwood: a softwood with reddish tones, little grain pattern

Walnut: dark brown with some lighter streaks in its grain pattern.


South American:

Bocote: Mexico - repeating light and dark streaks, some brown and orange, very unusual

Brown Ebony: Argentina - very hard wood, deep brown with distinctive grain

Cebil: Argentina - medium brown with nice grain patterns

Jotoba: Brazil - like cherry but a bit darker

Lapacho: Argentina - olive green tones with nice grain patterns

Lignum Vitae: Argentina - also known as ironwood, dark green with aqua / teal streaks, beautiful feather like grain

Rosewood: Bolivia - reddish brown streaks, beautiful grain pattern

Quebracho: Argentina - deep red-brown in color, nice grain



Bubinga: dark red tones with swirling grain pattern

Mahogany: African species of mahogany, more brown than red.

Sapele: medium brown with red tones, nice grain

Zebrawood: alternating streaks of dark brown and light brown, very distinctive grain pattern


Lacewood: Australia - medium earthy brown tones with highly unusual grain pattern,

Spanish Cedar: soft wood with light brown, neutral tones, nice grain

Teak: Asia - medium brown with some greenish tones, darkens nice with age


A variety of papers are used to achieve the desired effect. Rice papers often have delicate hues and diffuse light very subtly. Japanese Washi papers are usually silk screened hand made and come in different colors and print patters. These can be very colorful, often depicting Japanese scenes. Other papers are hand made. The effect on the light as it passes through the paper has a soothing meditative effect. Art papers in general can have a very distinctive effect on the light as well.

No more than a 40 watt small fan light bulb is recommended. A "white" light bulb will highlight the true colors of the paper, rather than a regular yellow light bulb.

Please feel free to call or e-mail to discuss this unique art form or for any specific questions you may have about any individual lamps.


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