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Fine Handmade Japanese Lamps
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Mini Lamps

Standard "Mini" lamps are actually 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide. They can be made larger to suit your individual needs. Designs, papers and woods may also be inter-changed or you can use your own paper if you have it. The different combinations can be endless. They make wonderful little night lights or accent lamps for any type of decor, from oriental, contemporary or rustic, depending on the style and paper. 

Each lamp comes with an in-line dimmer switch that can vary the light intensity from very dim to bright. However, these lamps are not made to light up a room or to read by (some with white paper can shed enough light for reading). Minis take a 25 or 40 watt fan size bulb. Flourescents can also be used but most of these kinds of bulbs cannot be dimmed. 

Most lamps have the Japanese Washi paper which is made in a silk screen process and is very durable, maintaining its colors and patterns for many years. Some of my earliest lamps are over 8 years old and still shed a beautiful light.  Washi paper literally comes to life when a light shines through it. The colors and patterns come alive and in some cases can change depending the intensity of the light. On or off, they have very different looks but are artisitic either way. 

I hope you enjoy some of my designs:


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