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There are a wide variety of web sites pertaining to Japanese art and culture. Some of them are listed below. I also included paper sites that I use to get my Japanese and Asian papers for my lamps. Feel free to select your own paper for your customized lamp.

1. Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum:

A museum in Queens, New York, dedicated to the world famous Japanese designer, artist, sculptor and architect. Numerous of his works are on display including original Akari light sculptures, lamps that represent his unique style of art that was collected all over the world.

2. Style of Japan:

A wonderful source fro a variety of Japanese art supplies, including many styles of paper such as washi, rice, yuzen, shoji screen paper, among others.

3. Washi Accents:

A store and classroom for traditional Japanese art, including Ikebana (flower arrangements), Shodo (caligraphy), Sumi-e (painting), Shashiko (embroidery), among others. Many types of Japanese and Asian papers are available as well.

4. Japanese paper Place:

A wonderful and extensive collection of Japanese papers.

5. Wigert's Bonsai, North Ft. Myers, FL (239) 543-2234:

An incredible collection of bonsais and everything bonsai related. This bonsai nursery offers classes for all skill levels, has periodic demoonstrations and guest bonsai speakers.

6. Bonsai Information: 

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