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Bonsai Tables

Having grown bonsai for over 30 years, but never really getting involved in the bonsai world, I recently joined the Sarasota bonsai club ( and am excited to join with wonderful people who are dedicated to the bonsai art form. It is really an incredible experience and the trees are just amazing to look at. Truly work of arts.

For exhibition or display purposes, bonsais are usually displayed on little tables or stands which have an oriental style to them. These miniature tables caught my eye at a recent bonsai exhibition and as I gazed at them and admired the wood work and design aspects of them, I thought: "I could do this ..." And now, I have started !!

While I am just getting started and learning about this different form of woodworking, I have already made a couple of basic "starter" tables just so I can see what is involved in making them. My skills in micro woodworking making my lamps is a natural compliment to making these tables. I am real excited to start off in this new direction !

Below are the first series of bonsai tables. Table sizes can be made to order. Please call for a price quote for a larger one.


     A. Made from maple and stained a rich brown tone                        B. American black walnut, sealed with clear polyurethane
     Classic Japanese style (8" x 12") $85                                                     Japaenese contemporary style (9" x 14") $95



      C. Made from Australian lacewood with Maple inlay. Rich,         C. Shown with Tree.
      earth brown grain offset by the light maple. Traditional
      style. (9" x 16") - $125


      D. Made from Maple with Purple Heart Inlay. Colors                   D. Shown with tree.
      contrast each other to create a beautiful frame for a tree.
      (16" x 9") - $125

      E. Maple stained a rich brown color. Two-tiered table,                  E. Shown with two trees.
      modern style. (20" x 8") - $125

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