Lamps by Raul, LLC

Fine Handmade Japanese Lamps
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A life's journey can truly take many different roads, many of them very unexpected ! A case in point is my journey. Having left a career in international finance in 2003, I have since been developing my love for oriental art and passion for intricate woodworking. The pressures of commuting, business challenges, international travel and all that goes with a professional financial career have been replaced by the obsession for Bonbori - the Japanese art of making wood and paper lanterns ! Having spent the past several years refining designs and experimenting with woods, art papers and shapes, my shows have been a rewarding experience - not to mention that I have been able to actually sell my lamps ! I thank all my friends and customers for their appreciation of my lamps and for believing and supporting me in this new endeavor. Many more things to come in this journey ...

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